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At Pendle Bike Racks, we have a passion for all things biking.  We also have a firm commitment to the absolute quality and reliability of everything we produce - and for us that means British made, through and through.

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Tow bar mounted racks

We’ve developed a variety of racks to suit everyone’s needs, from cycling enthusiasts to growing families. Each rack has the option of two different mountings, so whichever vehicle or tow bar you have, we have the rack for you.

Wheel Support Hang-On
12 Bike Trailer 6 Bike Trailer


Bike Trailers

Engineered with the highest quality in mind, the bicycle trailers in the Pendle Bike Racks range are a strong, safe and reliable way to transport your bikes. The trailers are the perfect purchase for larger families, cycling groups and clubs.

6 Bike 12 Bike


Rear Door Mounted

For vehicles without a tow bar we offer a range of rear door and spare wheel mounted racks, with all the same qualities and added versatility.

Strap on Spare Wheel

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