Additional Information

  • The most versatile rack in our range – fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and almost any bike. The ultimate in car and bike friendly travel.

  • Brilliant simple mounting system. The bike is held in place by both tyres and leans against a vertical support, giving a very solid and stable fitting. Straps secure the bike to the rack at these 3 points.

  • No fiddly, gimmicky bike clamps that could damage the paintwork or don't fit your bike.

  • Adjusts to fit your bike in seconds, adjusts for wheelbase, frame shape and bike widths.

  • Bikes are held apart from one another by adjustable vertical support arms in order to prevent contact between bikes during transit. These can fold down flat onto the rack for easy storage.
  • Bicycle wheels are supported by extra wide 3" D Loops which can be adjusted to fit different wheel bases. 
  • A quick-release patented securing pin system passes through holes in the mounting block and bottom of the rack arms.