Additional Information

  • Fits almost any vehicle with a tow bar and almost any bike. The bike is held in place by both tyres and leans against a vertical support, giving a very solid and stable fitting. Straps secure the bike to the rack at these 3 points.

  • No fiddly bike clamps that could damage the paintwork or don't fit your bike. Modular design makes it easy to strip down to component parts or leave partially assembled while not in use.

  • Adjusts for wheelbase, frame shape and bike widths, standard D loops are suitable for 26", 29" and Road Wheels. Wider D Loops available on request for up to 3" tyres, standard fittings work with up to 2.25" tyres. Children’s attachments are also available.

  • Our Wheel Supports can be adapted to clear the spare wheels on vehicles. Please contact us to enquire further.