Technical Info

Capacity: 2 Bikes
Load Weight: 15kg
Rack Weight: 9kg
Light Unit: Not Included
Securing Straps: Included

You may need to purchase a lighting unit if the bike rack prevents your number plate and back lights from being seen by other road users. It is illegal to travel with the number plate or lights obstructed.

This rack is supplied with fixing plate A, B, C or D. Please see our fitting guide to ensure you purchase the correct plate.

The mounting plates come in a variety of different fittings according to vehicle type. Please contact us if you would like to enquire about whether the Pendle Spare Wheel Rack will fit your vehicle and which mounting plate you would need. 

Please check your spare wheel mounting for any hooks or unusual fittings. 

We test standard models at dealers but sometimes particular models with different wheels may have been fitted with nonstandard wheel mountings.