Technical Info

In order to fit the rack, you will need crossbars fitted to your vehicle. The T-Bar Tandem Rack is designed to fit standard square roof bars. The rack is adaptable to fit any roof bar spacing. 


The T-Bar Tandem Rack is designed to carry tandem bicycles with one wheel removed. 


The remaining bicycle wheel is supported along the base of the rack by a wheel holder and the bike frame is held in place in an upright position by a bracket attached to a single vertical arm positioned in the middle of the rack. 


Straps secure the tandem in place and are supplied with the rack. The wheel is strapped into the wheel holder and the tandem frame is strapped to the vertical arm.


The T-Bar Tandem Rack has an adjustable horizontal main frame to accommodate different wheel bases and an adjustable vertical support pole to accommodate different frame shapes.


We recommend that the tandem bicycle placed on the rack weighs no more than 25 kg.


If your vehicle is fitted with Aero bars please contact us by phone or email to determine the correct adaptor to fit them. 


Bike Capacity:  1 Tandem