Technical Info

Capacity: 2 - 4 

Load Weight: 60kg Total

Rack Weight: 8kg (Standard), 8.5kg (Discovery), 9kg (Landrover)

Light Unit: Not Included

Securing Straps: Included

Make sure the nose weight of your tow bar is enough to support the combined weight of our bikes and the rack.

These racks can't be used whilst towing a trailer or caravan.

4 Bike Arms: The maximum weight which the arms can carry is 60kg. This can be distributed between each of the bikes. For example, 2 x 30kg bikes can be carried, or 1 x 30kg and 2 x 15kg bikes can be carried together, and so on. They can carry up to a maximum of 3 (or 4) bikes although 2 (or 3) bikes may be the maximum for bikes of a heavier weight. 

Retractable Tow Bars: If using with a retractable swan neck tow bar, you may not be able to retract and stow the tow ball with the 'On the Ball' mounting block fitted.

Note on use with motorhomes – We do not recommend using ‘On the Ball’ mounting racks with motorhomes. We recommend checking with the manufacturer of the tow bar as to the suitability for use with a ‘Behind the Ball’ bike rack.