Technical Info

Capacity: 4 Bikes (2 Bikes whilst towing)
Load Weight: 15kg per bike
Rack Weight: 11.5kg (STD Arms) / 12kg (Discovery Arms)
Light Unit: Not Included
Securing Straps: Included

IMPORTANT: Whilst towing we usually recommend carrying 2 bikes to maintain clearance to the body of your caravan during tight turns.

Check your vehicles nose weight – the combined weight of the rack and bikes must not exceed this. If towing this must be added to the trailer nose weight too.

4 Bike Arms: The arms have 425mm of space for hanging the bikes by their frames. They can carry a maximum of 4 bikes although 3 bikes may be the maximum for bikes with wider tyres, handlebars, or pedals.

If your vehicle does have a spare wheel then please see our measuring guide to determine which offset is needed.