Technical Info

All higher racks use our Behind the Ball mounting. This is because it the only style of tow bar mounting which you can tow with. This is not suitable for anything other than Standard 2 bolt tow bars.

Due to the variation in shapes of vehicles, trailers or caravans we cannot guarantee that all combinations will be able to work together. If you are unsure about whether it will work with your vehicle please contact us for advice.

Check your vehicle's nose weight – the combined weight of the rack and bikes must not exceed this, if towing this must be added to the trailer nose weight too. See below for rack weights.

We recommend before using the rack, fitting it and loading the bikes and then checking the clearance to the caravan/trailer on full lock and on an incline to make sure that the bikes cannot touch the trailer/caravan.

Vehicles with external spare wheels may need extended support poles to suit the external spare wheel. Owners of vehicles with external spare wheels should contact us before ordering to determine the correct fitting for their vehicle.

Capacity Options: Available to fit 2 / 3 / 4 Bikes at up to 15 kg per bike.

Weights: 1 Bike – 9kg, 2 Bike – 13 kg.

Retractable Tow Bars - If using with a retractable swan neck tow bar, you may not be able to retract and stow the tow ball with the 'On the Ball' mounting block fitted.

The light unit is fitted with a 7 pin plug, we can supply a 13-7 Pin Adaptor for vehicles fitted with 13 pin sockets at extra cost.  Please contact us for more advice if you think you may require this item.