Higher Hang-On Tow Bar Rack

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Pendle Tow Bar racks are designed to be a simple and dependable tow bar mounted rack. This is a special version that mounts the bikes 380 mm (15 inches) higher to clear the draw bar of a caravan or trailer.

    • Two 'L' shaped arms easily fit into the tow bar mounting and carry the bikes by their frames.

    • Fits a very wide range of frame shapes and types.

    • Different arm offset options are available, these move the bikes further away from the vehicle to clear spare wheels or the bodywork of cars with very flat backs (eg MPV's and 4x4's).
    • Bikes are strapped together using the supplied webbing straps and secured to the rack.

    • Car friendly – sits on the tow ball and doesn't touch the car's paintwork.

    Carrying capacity of up to 15kg per bike. (Make sure the nose weight of your tow bar is sufficient to support the combined weight of your bikes and the rack, , if towing this must be added to the trailer nose weight too)

    Due to the variation in shapes of vehicles and trailers or caravans we cannot guarantee that all combinations will be able to work together. If you are unsure about whether it will work with your vehicle please contact us for advice.

    We recommend before using the rack, you should fit it and load the bikes and then check the clearance to the caravan/trailer on full lock and on an incline to make sure that the bikes cannot touch the trailer/caravan.

    Arm Options: Available in 4 bike Standard arms or 4 Bike Discovery arms with a 150mm (6 inch) offset to clear spare wheels or vehicles with very flat backs, although while towing we usually recommend carrying only 2 bikes to maintain clearance to the body of your caravan during tight turns. See our measuring guide for further information.

    4 Bike Arms: The arms have 425mm of space for hanging the bikes by their frames. They can carry up to a maximum of 4 bikes although 3 bikes may be the maximum for bikes with wider tyres, handlebars, or pedals. You will only be able to carry 2 bikes whilst towing.

    If your vehicle does have a spare wheel then please see our measuring guide to determine which offset is needed. 

    All higher racks use our Behind the Ball mounting because this is the only one that you can tow with. This is not suitable for anything other than Standard 2 bolt tow bars.

    Weights: 11.5 kg Standard Rack, 12 Kg Discovery Offset.

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    We offer two different types of mounting block so our racks can be used with any type of towbar. The appropriate mounting block for you depends on the type of tow bar you have and whether you wish to tow whilst having a rack in place. Order your rack with one of these mounts.

    Ball Mounting


    Will fit: Swan neck, detachable and Mounting standard 2 bolt flange tow bars.

    A universal mount that fits around the tow ball and consists of two parts which are bolted securely together – the first part contains the sockets which the bike rack arms fit into and the second part is a back plate so the two components sandwich around the tow ball. Both parts are moulded inside to the shape of a tow ball to give a perfectly sturdy, secure fit. Due to the way this fits around the ball you will be unable to tow when the mounting is in place. 

    Behind-the-ball Mounting


    Will fit: Standard 2 bolt flange tow bars only. 

    A standard mount that fits securely between the tow ball and towing bracket of standard 2 bolt flange tow bars. Ideal for people wanting to tow while carrying their bikes. Please read individual rack descriptions, as not all racks are suitable for towing. When towing with a Pendle Bike Rack we advise that a maximum of two bikes are carried and that individuals check their towing set-up and turning circles with the rack and bikes fitted, before setting off on their journey.